• Highly specialised eyewear, selectively styled by you.

  • About

    A highly personalised approach to frames, lenses and specialist eyewear.


    Eyemasters specialises in dispensing both unusual and regular optical frames with prescription lenses of all types to consumers who bring their prescriptions. We offer a personal service and a ‘one on one’ consultation at a time to suit the customer, by appointment.

    We stock in excess of a thousand frames, ensuring genuine choice, which coupled with a fair and transparent pricing policy satisfies the discerning spectacle wearer. Eyemasters also offers a bespoke frame service, meaning that we can provide specifically manufactured frames to each customers’ individual requirements.


    Our emphasis is on quality of both advice and product, coupled with a determination to ensure the customer leaves with a pair of well made glasses that both fit and look good.


    Further, Eyemasters offers an Ophthalmic Safety Prescription Service to industry in the East Sussex / West Kent area, which fully conforms with current Kite Mark legislation.

  • Frames

  • Choice is important, we carry a wide range of metal and acetate frames in a variety of materials, including pure titanium, a light but strong metal.


    For those customers who know what they want, we almost certainly have it, or can obtain it. For those who need advice and help to choose the best frame option, we are only too happy to take the time necessary to find the right frame, before you get bored!


  • Traditional

    Men & Women

  • Designer

    Men & Women

  • Specialist & Bespoke

    Men & Women

  • Safety

    Men & Women

  • Lenses

    Single Vision, Bifocal, Varifocal & more

  • We handle all types of Specialist Lenses in addition to the 3 common types, Single Vision, Bifocal and Varifocal. Anti-reflective coatings are often recommended.


    Every refractive index material is considered, from ‘regular’ plastic 1.5 to ultra thin 1.9 glass. Polarised, Tinted and Transitions lenses are usually available depending upon your prescription.

    Single Vision

    Available in clear plastic, polycarbonate and possibly glass. Polarised and Transitions are usually possible. Plastic lenses may be tinted with almost any colour required, depending upon your prescription.


    Available in both plastic and glass, and in a variety of refractive indices. Polarised and Transitions are available in addition to regular tinted options. Trifocals may still be an option, and are still available.


    Available in a number of options, the specific choice depends upon the frame size chosen and the expectation of the wearer in terms of lens performance. A wide range of refractive indices are on offer from manufacturers.

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  • Appointments

    Eyemasters fit and sell frames and lenses by appointment.

    Visit our studio at Inishwood for the best selection of frames.

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    Inishwood, Pett Road
    Pett, East Sussex, TN35 4HB

    TN35 4HB
    Mon-Sun 9am-9pm
    +44 (0) 7768 056 902
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Potential Customers
If you’re not yet a customer and you contact us for information about our services, we need to process your details when we reply. We will be storing the details you enter in a digital form, and using those to send you the information you have requested. We would also like to send you the occasional marketing email or letter, letting you know about our services and any special offers. We will send no more than two such communications each month, and will keep your details on file for no more than three years. We only need your name and contact details, and we will rely on your consent for this. You have the right to withdraw consent at any later time – just let us know.

As a customer, we need personal information from you to help us to give you the best possible eye-care. We are aware that some of this will be highly confidential in nature, and will treat it accordingly, keeping it as safe as possible from prying eyes. In particular, we never store your prescription details electronically, only on paper, so it can’t be hacked into. This forms part of our contract with you, and our commitment to you as a valued customer. We will not ask for information from you that is not relevant to our provision of eye-care services to you. We normally retain your information permanently, unless you tell us to discard it, as it can help ensure your next prescription is correct - opticians have been known to make mistakes, and it is better for all concerned if these are spotted before any lenses have been made! We will contact you each year to remind you to get your eyes tested, and up to once a month to let you know about any new services or special offers. You can opt out of either of these if you wish – just tell us.