Single Vision, Bifocal, Varifocal & more

We handle all types of Specialist Lenses in addition to the 3 common types, Single Vision, Bifocal and Varifocal. Anti-reflective coatings are often recommended. Every refractive index material is considered, from ‘regular’ plastic 1.5 to ultra thin 1.9 glass. Polarised, Tinted and Transitions lenses are usually available depending upon your prescription.

To ensure you get the best possible product, we supply and fit lenses subject to consultation only - simply bring along your current prescription.

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Single Vision

Available in clear plastic, polycarbonate and possibly glass. Polarised and Transitions are usually possible. Plastic lenses may be tinted with almost any colour required, depending upon your prescription.



Available in both plastic and glass, and in a variety of refractive indices. Polarised and Transitions are available in addition to regular tinted options. Trifocals may still be an option, and are still available.



Available in a number of options, the specific choice depends upon the frame size chosen and the expectation of the wearer in terms of lens performance. A wide range of refractive indices are on offer from manufacturers.